Ministry Approach

I view children as present-day disciples (not just future or preparatory ones!) whose full participation in the life of a congregation draws all of the body of Christ into deeper faithfulness.  Centered in love of God and neighbor, I understand spiritual formation as fostering a way of seeing and perceiving the world through Jesus that shapes our every thought and action. Because children are often such kinesthetic and tactile learners, I seek to create interactive educational spaces that promote wonder, exploration, and meaningful experiences with God.  And, recognizing the primary environment for children is the home, I also understand family faith formation as a vital component of children’s ministry.

Core Values for Remote Support

Love of God and neighbor

A spirit of listening

Connecting a congregation’s inherent gifts and graces with God’s possibility

Accessibility and ease of use

Clear, timely communication

Informed, relevant ministry practices

Rachel Doboney Benton

Rachel Doboney Benton

A graduate of Wofford College (BA in Religion & History) and Duke Divinity School (Master of Divinity with a Certificate in Christian Education), I am a United Methodist Christian Educator with over 15 years of professional experience in Children’s Ministry and Family Faith Formation.

I am especially passionate about intergenerational ministry, children’s spirituality, faith-at-home resources, incorporating children in worship, Godly Play, Eucharistic theology, Christian practices, seeking God in the everyday, and social justice.

I reside in Winterville, North Carolina with my husband and two children who remind me of (and teach me about!) God’s grace and expansive love each day.

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