What is Remote Support?

Resourcing congregations with personalized and subscription services

I provide remote ministry support that connects to your context and meets you where you are!

Through virtual means, I partner with your congregation to find creative, meaningful ways to support families with children as they walk with God.

This includes in-person resources to use within your congregation and digital resources to connect with families at home.

Why Remote Support?

I believe all churches (including those facing staffing challenges or financial constraints) should have access to theologically-based, practically-oriented, pedagogically sound, relevant resources that encourage faith formation for families with children.

Upon the joy of having served in rural, suburban, and urban churches, large and small and in between, I know that churches of all shapes and sizes have amazing gifts to share with families with children. And I know very deeply what gifts those children and families are to the church.

Our digital era provides opportunities to partner with congregations to identify and cultivate those gifts so that both families with children and the overall congregation flourish. Services are flexible, adjustable, and customized to address your current needs.